Spreading the love to your collaborators

Spreading the love to your collaborators

So many of you have turned the video description into your collaborator credit reel, sharing the love of all the other creators that helped make your video awesome. The shout-out is cool, but what if that shout-out was a direct link to your collaborator’s channel and made it easy for new fans to subscribe?

At VidCon, we told you how we’re working on areas like this to help you build fan bases and make even better videos, one of the ways being announcing Creator Credits. These allow you to recognize contributions and collaborators on your YouTube videos, and today, we’re expanding this feature to all channels with at least 10,000 subscribers.

With Creator Credits, you’ll have the ability to feature collaborators — such as your co-star, your video editor, or your boom mic operator — on your video page. There are dozens of roles to choose from, and you can feature as many contributors as you like. These credits link back to collaborators’ channels and have a one-click subscribe option to both channels.

Adding Creator Credits to a video is easy. When editing your video title, description, and other details, you’ll find a Video Credits section where you can select the roles of your collaborators and include their channels. Creator Credits will appear below your video’s description after clicking “Show more.” Visit our Help Center to learn more.

Don’t have 10,000 subscribers? We’re working to make this feature available to more of you soon. Read more here

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