How Does a Service Based Company Create Content

How Does a Service Based Company Create Contentservice_3
By: Michael Johnston


Service based companies and product based companies are very similar but are portrayed differently through social media. For the most part, both service or product based company websites would have a page for frequently asked questions (FAQ). Service based companies are more likely to have an option to contact the offices if they have specific questions because they are trying to create an opportunity for a sale. Product based companies however will give you full details on how to use their product since you have already purchased it. They have nothing more to gain, so they see no problem in having that information shared. By creating films like product based companies do, it allows them to gain more clients and trust.

It is clear that if you want to be successful in this day and age you have to provide the answers your clients want to know. It is understandable that how a Trustee, for example, might be worried to create a video explaining on how one declares Bankruptcy. However, with the click of a btn you can learn how to do almost anything in the world (fix a car, computer functions, cook, etc.), yet we still pay people to do all those things. Adam Rumanek, the CEO of Aux Mode, was quoted saying “A product based service is easy to sell and usually makes it easy to use that product, but service based companies are difficult. The information can be taught but unlike any product you will ultimately need assistance”.

You could learn how to fix something, than in 5 years have to get a new one and have no idea how to use it let alone fix it. In the end you will have to call to either figure it out or get someone else to do it for me. This is why it is important to give your content away for free, in the end whoever is watching will call you and ask for help.


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