YouTube CMS Channel Migration 

If you are looking to transfer a YouTube channel from an O+O to an Affiliate CMS without losing assets, claims, policies per asset we can help.

Plans and Pricing

YouTube CMS Channel Transfer
YouTube CMS Channel Transfer

YouTube CMS Channel Migration Provides

  • All assets migrated.

  • All claims migrated.

  • All policies migrated.

  • Ad types migrated.

  • YPP verification review.

  • Adsense review for compliance.

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YouTube Channel CMS Migration

Our detailed channel transfer process has helped 100’s of channel owners since inception of the YouTube Affiliate CMS program. Owner-operated CMS’s (O+O’s) have to migrate non-owner-operated YouTube channels to the YouTube Affiliate CMS. The process can be complicated due to the owner-operated versus Affiliate CMS settings. Our process will move the channel assets, claims, reference files and all other meta per asset per channel that needs to be moved without ingesting other channel data into the YouTube Affiliate CMS.

We can help simplify the process if looking for assistance migrating from one CMS to another CMS.

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YouTube CMS Channel Transfer