Video Claims Process

Tracking video claims, claimants and the appeal process in easy-to-use cloud based process.

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YouTube claims processor

Claims Process Provides

  • Automatic system to dispute channel claims, strikes or ownership conflicts

  • Release process of your licensed content by region or worldwide

  • Tracking of claims

  • Tracking of claimants

  • Tracking of strikes

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Claims Process

Working with our team of asset managers, we monitor your territory ownership and rights windows so that you maximize your revenue potential while providing licensees with a fast and effective claims processing service.

Allowlisting (formerly Whitelisting) is a common solution for rights holders when allowing channels to use their content. Oftentimes, this feature can be misunderstood and taken advantage of by licensees. Aux Mode has created a claims process to ensure your content isn’t being over distributed and territory rights are checked and audited regularly to ensure your partners are compliant and rights windows are upheld.

Understanding the best practices for claims and having a defined process is how Aux Mode helps.

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