Data Security

Our security program is based on a recognized security standard, and it can easily be audited against that (NIST, CIS, PCI DSS, ISO 27001…).

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Data security

Security Controls

  • Everything is encrypted at rest and encrypted in-motion.

  • Enhanced data processing and security terms (Customers) and enhanced data processing and security terms (Employees).

  • Our modular design is insulated between modules so that access for one is not dependent or enabled to another.

  • Protection from intrusion security implemented at each module.

  • Phishing-resistant two-factor authentication (2FA) mandatory.

  • We take security extremely seriously.

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Data Security

Our information security and privacy program cover all your operations,  services, and systems that involve access to confidential information. Both the processes that directly deal with customer data (such as IT)  and the processes that might indirectly affect the security of customer data  (such as HR processes) are in scope.

Our permission based system enables or disables each feature available to each user.  Building on the concept of data classification we have built policies that check, at query time, whether a user has proper access.

Internal audits of the security and privacy program done monthly and third-party audits of the security and privacy program reviewed and assets monthly.

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