Omnia Media Hits 1.5 Billion Monthly Views With New Talent Signings

The fast-growing multi-channel network has reached 80 million subscribers in two years

Omnia Media has reached over 1.5 billion monthly views and 80 million subscribers in just two years thanks to recent talent signings of new influencers.

The fast-growing multi-channel network has seen 149 percent growth year over year and 50 percent growth in total subscribers, the media company announced on Monday. In the last 30 days, Omnia has signed talent across gaming, entertainment, beauty and music, collectively generating over 75 million monthly views on YouTube.

Key signings focused on the millennial audience include SparklesProduction, Fafinettex3, WackyWednesday and Yelawolf. The Emerge division, which manages influencers with a strong social following from YouTube, has signed over 140 new influencers across Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat. It represents 79 million fans and includes social media talent such as Marissa Mayne, Bonnie Tsang, Anastasia Ashley and Paula Coop McCrory.

“Over the past two years, our company has evolved from a single-vertical, single-platform business, into a multi-platform, diversified network and the last remaining independent MCN,” Tamoor Shafi, CEO of Omnia Media said. “We have become one of the most powerful amplifiers of compelling, talented voices in the industry, and our accelerating growth enables us to capitalize on emerging market trends and create new content in the digital content space.”

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