Millennials and branded food content

Millennials and branded food content

Hungry for inspiration, millennials are eating up food content on YouTube. They aren’t just looking for recipes either—food videos are actually driving them to purchase.


In new research by Google, millennials are engaging with food content at an amazing rate: YouTube has seen 280% growth in food channel subscriptions over the past year. And this isn’t limited to recipes and cooking tips. Millennials are also looking for entertainment and inspiration.

69% of millennial men watch branded food content solely for enjoyment, with popular food shows and personalities their primary focus. Meanwhile, 3 out of 4 millennial women are interested in watching branded food content. And 42% of millennial dads will make extra trips to the store to buy products they’ve seen in food content. That number is even higher with millennial moms—an astounding 68%.


So how can brands best serve this audience? By drawing on YouTube’s wide roster of food talent, brands can educate audiences and introduce them to new products and ideas. The fact that 78% of food content referrals are first-time customers is further proof of the power of YouTube.

Creating entertaining content with influencers or personalities, brands can engage audiences and foodies alike while extending their media reach. Lastly, brands can inspire their audience by producing content that builds on their insatiable love of food.

Last year, social engagement rose 118% on food channels, and viewership increased 59%—proving that YouTube is a go-to destination for foodies. With such a growing fan base willing to spend more on food, millennials present a great opportunity for brands to connect and feed this starving audience.


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