Lexus Creates 1,000 Video Ads for Facebook Campaign

Lexus Creates 1,000 Video Ads for Facebook Campaign

Marketers are increasingly tailoring their ad content specifically for the platforms on which they appear, but Lexus is taking that concept a step further with its latest Facebook FB +0.93% campaign.

To promote its NX model, Lexus has created over 1,000 unique video ads, and will target them to niche audiences across Facebook using the social network’s data and ad-targeting tools. The idea is to make the ads as relevant as possible to the specific tastes and interests of the consumers they’re being placed in front of.

Each video is designed to promote the virtues of the Lexus NX by comparing it to objects directly relevant to a consumers’ tastes. If a user is deemed by Facebook to be an avid traveler, for example, the ad might follow a travel-related theme.

“This is about tailoring and customizing ads to our target audience,” said Lexus media manager Teri Hill.

“We wanted to tell relevant stories by using objects in consumers’ lives,” said Alastair Green, executive creative director at ad agency Team One, which helped create the campaign.

The concept of “dynamic” or tailored ad creative has been around for years in online banner advertising. That’s why you see ads chasing you across the web for that pair of shoes you looked at on a website three weeks ago. Bringing that type of customization to video ads on a social platform is a more labor-intensive process, however.

“It’s simple to have this type of idea, but it’s complex to actually execute it,” Mr. Green said. The process involves editing together over 1,000 unique 30-second videos.

Lexus said it’s expecting the ads to be displayed to Facebook users between five and six million times throughout the duration of the campaign, which is expected to launch this weekend and to run through March. Lexus has also purchased ad space to promote the NX during this year’s Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, Facebook says video content is booming across its platform, prompting marketers to contribute. Over 3 billion videos are now viewed on Facebook daily, and the number of videos uploaded by small and medium-sized businesses has nearly tripled over the past year, the company said. Read more here

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