Infographic: YouTube Ads Are Reportedly Viewable 91% of the Time

Infographic: YouTube Ads Are Reportedly Viewable 91% of the Time

Google has new insights for the industry worried about viewability, one of the top concerns facing the digital marketing world this year. Google’s latest report on the matter digs into what counts as a view when serving a video ad, and what it found was that 54 percent of promotional clips are viewable on phones, tablets and desktops.

That figure didn’t include a look at YouTube ad views, which Google broke out, claiming 91 percent viewability. That’s not all Google had to report—it even said that viewability isn’t the only measure of effectiveness, audibility is pretty good too. Here’s a break down:

  1. Simply hearing an ad on YouTube can give a brand lift with consumers, so Google says. It found that users who just heard a YouTube ad recalled the brand 33.1 percent more frequently than those who never encountered the spot.
  2. Video is eminently more viewable on mobile devices when compared with desktop. Only 53 percent of video ads are considered viewable on desktop, and 83 percent viewable when it comes to mobile Web.
  3. Here are the two reasons that account for video ads going unseen: 76 percent of non-viewable ads play in the background in another tab or not on screen at all, and 26 percent of the time a user scrolls by them in less than two seconds.
  4. The larger the video player, the more viewable the ad. The largest video ad format registers an 88.6 percent viewability rate, and the smallest size leads to a 19.8 percent rate. It’s not just because one is larger than the other, all video ads have to be at least 50 percent on-screen to generate a certified view.
  5. Additionally, 33 percent of all video ads use the smaller format player, 300 X 250. Nineteen percent use the largest format of 848 X 477.

If you want a demonstration of how to tell whether a display ad or video ad is viewable, then Google has this handy webpage. Meanwhile, check out this infographic Google put together if you want glean more of its findings.


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