How To Tell If You Have Outgrown The Current Version Of Your Brand

How To Tell If You Have Outgrown The Current Version Of Your Brand

If you feel stuck, or seem to be attracting the wrong type of prospects and clients, or cringe every time you share your URL, it’s quite possible you’re suffering from unaddressed brand evolution.

As you grow, your business needs to grow with you. If it doesn’t, you’re in trouble. If your business and who you are as its owner and leader are not aligned, everything can start falling down like dominos.

It becomes a lot more challenging to attract your ideal clients as you’re sending out mixed messages.

Your enthusiasm plummets, and your potential clients can detect it from a mile away. And they keep saying NO to your invitations to work together, because if you’re not enthusiastic about the transformation that can happen for them, how can they believe you?

You’re less driven to market your business, because you have website shame; either you don’t like your website anymore, or your simply feel it doesn’t represent you, so what’s the point in promoting it, anyway. Right?

The referrals stop – not because people don’t love you or appreciate your work anymore, but because all of a sudden, they have no idea how to describe what you do, or how you do it, or who you help. They can see something’s going on in your world, but they’re not clear on what it is, nor do they have the time to figure it out. Or, you’ve disappeared from their radar altogether, so no wonder nobody’s talking about you!

You can see the very next step in front of you, but the vision, the big picture, the delicious dream of an impactful, fulfilling, and profitable business is blurry and feels so distant you can’t seem to energetically connect with it.

So, if your intuition, gut, or however you’d like to call it, hasn’t hit you over the head with the vision or inner knowing of what the next version of your brand should look like, here’s how to tell when it’s time for rebranding, so you can get back on track to meet – and possibly – surpass your income, impact, and influence goals…

  • You’ve done a ton of personal growth work and/or energy healing
  • You’ve been working with a top level mentor that has transformed you (even if you haven’t noticed when exactly that happened)
  • More than a year has passed since you last fine tuned your brand identity and strategy
  • You’ve added fabulous new skills or modalities to your expertise without really integrating them into your branding, ending up with fragments instead of a gorgeous mosaic
  • You’ve never positioned your business to become a movement, but you feel called to start one to have a bigger impact and leave a legacy
  • When people meet you in person or over the phone after visiting your website first, they’re pleasantly surprised
  • You haven’t raised your fees in ages, because you know you could add more value and don’t feel in integrity charging more without upleveling your clients’ experience
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list; it’s a starting point for digging deep into what you really want your business to be, and where it is now.

The transition period from the current to the next version of your brand might require some stretching and involve some growing pains, but instead of looking at it as another item on your to-do list, let go, follow your heart and inner wisdom, get help, and CELEBRATE! Brand evolution means you’re expanding and allowing yourself to truly thrive. Read more here

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