How To Stand Out By Using A Question-Based Approach To Branding

How To Stand Out By Using A Question-Based Approach To Branding

Branding is an ongoing adventure that needs constant and consistent attention if you want your brand fresh, memorable, and appealing to your ideal, super committed, and and highly invested clients. One of the ways to both accelerate and sustain your ascent to the business stars is to keep asking yourself, your prospects, and your clients the questions that will allow your brand to get real, grounded and aligned, and yet skyrocket at the same time.

Get to know yourself aka uncover your star power

Intentional branding – the one that happens when you’re determined to positively influence your audience’s perception of your brand – starts with you being intimately aware of your magic, your calling, and your deepest desires. Identifying these is key to building a strong, unshakeable foundation that will help you shine like the star you are and grow your business effectively and efficiently with as little sidetracking and zigzagging as possible.

Get answers to questions like: What do I stand for? What kind of brand and business I want to create, and do they match my ideal lifestyle? What type of work am I drawn to? What are my values? What personality do I want to infuse into my brand? What is my unique combination of gifts, expertise, background, passions, and interests? What can I promise to deliver? How do I take someone from problem to solution – what’s my signature process? What kind of brand and business am I the perfect vibrational match for? How do I see my brand and business a year, five years, ten years from now?

Learn what your prospects feel and think about you and your business

Then, be sure you understand how your prospective clients perceive you and your brand. Remember that how they feel about you is just as much or more important than what they think of you, as purchasing decisions are made based on emotions, then rationalized later. Does your ideal prospects’ experience of you match how you view yourself and your business? Or, are there gaps to bridge and sparks to (re)ignite?

Consider questions like: If you were to describe my business/me/your overall experience with my company, which 3 adjectives would you choose? What words would you use to tell a friend about my products and/or services? How likely is it that you’d recommend investing in my offerings to your friends, and why? What would dramatically improve your opinion of me and my business? On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest possible score, what number best illustrates your desire and intention to get my help with (insert your promised outcome)? If you’re not at a 9 or 10, what would have to happen to get you there?

Find out what your clients’ brand experience has been

Now it’s crucial to see if your potential clients’ impressions of you and expectations of the results you provide match your clients’ experience. If there’s a disconnect between the two perceptions of your company, make improving the one lagging behind your first priority, or you risk leaving even more money on the table! If your prospects’ brand experience is better than your clients’, you might be dealing with disappointed individuals who are driving business away from you instead of sending it to you. If it’s the other way around, you’re missing out big time, too, as you could be attracting and getting hired by a lot more people if only they knew how amazing you truly were. Either way, even if the two perceptions are perfect mirror images of one another, find creative, innovative ways to take them to the next level, and be as strategic as you can about it.

To find out exactly how your clients feel and think about you and your brand, you can formulate similar questions to those you’ve used to survey and interview your prospects. A powerful question to ask your clients is the following: If you’d have to point out your favorite aspect of doing business with me, what would that be? OR If there is one thing I could have done more of, what would that be? Read more here.

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