How Activision Reached Over 2M Subscribers on YouTube

How Activision Reached Over 2M Subscribers on YouTube

Gaming is one of the most engaging content categories on YouTube. On average, 18- to 34-year-olds spend more time per view in gaming than in any other content segment. And Activision, the video game publisher behind Call of Duty, Destiny and Skylanders, knows the ropes. The brand has nabbed a monthly average of more than 1B active users, 2M subscribers and 500M video views on its YouTube channel, making it the #1 game franchise on YouTube. Its secret? Engaging content, accurate performance tracking and an established YouTube influencer program.

Make YouTube central to marketing plans to leverage the growing video game audience
Produced engaging content that it presented on its YouTube channel
Partnered with YouTube influencers for content production and promotion
Tracked and optimized the connection between a view and a sale
#1 game franchise on YouTube
Over 2M subscribers to its YouTube channel
500M video views of Activision content

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