Get seen with YouTube playlists

Get seen with YouTube playlists

This month we’ve looked at a lot of ways to boost your YouTube search rankings and get your videos seen: titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails. Today we come to another powerful tool: YouTube playlists.


When you upload a video to YouTube, it just gets thrown in a pile with all your other videos. Viewers can sort by upload date or popularity, but your videos aren’t organized in any other way—unless you do it yourself. Playlists make your content easier for viewers to navigate, especially if you release videos on different topics, or videos in series.

Playlists are also good for SEO! When viewers search on YouTube, the results include not only individual videos but playlists too—so playlists boost your chances of ranking higher in YouTube’s search results.


From your YouTube video manager, you’ll find the Playlists page in the left sidebar, where you can view, edit, or create playlists.

Title each playlist to describe the videos that it contains. Then decide whether you want the playlist to be public, unlisted, or private. An unlisted playlist is accessible only if a viewer has the exact URL or if the playlist is embedded on a webpage. A private playlist is accessible only to you, the account owner.


Once you’ve set up a playlist, you need to add videos to it. From your Video Manager, just click the checkbox next to each video you’d like to include. Then, from the Playlists dropdown at the top, choose which playlist to place the videos into.

You also can add a video to a playlist right when you upload.


It’s one thing to organize your videos into playlists, but actually displaying playlists on your channel—in shelves—makes your videos much easier to watch.

First, go to your channel page:[username], where [username] is your channel name.

At the bottom of your channel page, add a new section.

Sections are boxes of various types of content that you can display on your channel, such as popular uploads, liked videos, live events, and playlists. You can add a playlist as a section that displays either horizontally or vertically.

If you’ve created multiple playlists, consider displaying several on your channel at once by adding a new section for each. Doing so helps your fans find exactly the content they want.

Example of multiple playlists on a channel

Now that you know the basics, go get your channel organized! Read more here

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