Eight Tips to Successful Videos for YouTube

Eight Tips to Successful Videos for YouTube:

Once you understand who your target audience is, and you have some information to share with them that you know they will find engaging then YouTube is a great way to start and if you have a blog and you should, you can incorporate your videos there. The best way to start is to simply repurpose some of the content you already have, most businesses will have user manuals, how to guides, and if you’ve a blog loaded with content you’ve got the mother lode, simply convert these into videos. When you add videos to your content marketing mix, as I am doing now, you should understand these eight tips as they may help increase your engagement and success.

Be Yourself

You don’t have to have the best, most professional video for it to become popular in fact, videos of all shapes and sizes become popular and if there was a magic formula then every video would be of a similar style. Videos become popular despite how they are filmed, what equipment is used and I believe the reason for this is simple. If you understand your audience, know what their expectations are and then simply be yourself you’ll be fine. You have to remember that you cannot please everyone, nor should you try, your aim is to please your target audience and anyone else doesn’t really matter.

Make Them Short

Chances are your audience don’t have a lot of time, so for the most part, short videos from three to five minutes, will become your most popular. In fact, a one minute video if often better received than a ten minute one, however sometimes a ten minute or even long one is needed when you’re teaching your audience how to do something with lots of different steps. However, most of the time our egos get in the way and we try to pack too much in to a video, so cut back and aim for those three minute videos.

Keep to One Point

If your website bounce rate is high, it’s often a sign that your content is too broad and that you need to focus more on one particular problem and concentrate on that. This holds true for your videos as well, you should try and stick to one point during each video. It helps you keep your thoughts organized, keeps your production times down and ensure your videos are shorter. A shorter to the point video is better than a drawn out and confusing one, you want your audience to view your video and then reflect and understand the one point you are wanting to get across.

Don’t Forget Your Call to Action

You don’t want your video to sound like an infomercial; you do however want to remember your calls to action. Typically this is at the end of each video, and it helps if you know what you’ll say (write it down). For example: “Subscribe and give me a thumbs up, and while you’re at it why not visit my website at www dot com.

List Your Video Correctly

Ensure you put your video in the right category, and use all the tags, keywords, and other information that you can possibly utilize. Do not skimp on this process just to get the videos up quickly as this is as important as the video itself. You need people to be able to find your video when they type questions into the search bar.

Use the Description Box Wisely

This is one of your main areas to include the keywords you want the search engines to index, it’s however much more than this. You can include links to your website, ask for people to subscribe to your channel and don’t forget that within your video you can help direct people to your description thus extending your call to action and audience engagement.

Stick to a Schedule

You will feel as if you’re talking to no one when you start and the truth is that perhaps you are, however if you work out a realistic schedule that you can keep to and then post new videos to this schedule. Then as each video is added so your audience will slowly grow and best of all, with a schedule your audience learn when to expect new stuff, and will look out for it.

Promote Your Videos

Just as with the content on your blog, it’s important to promote every video that you publish. Promote via social media, on your own blog, and within your newsletters. Giving people a reason to watch your video, so that in their eyes they will get value from watching it and then telling people where to go, your video views will grow exponentially.

You can become very successful on YouTube promoting your business if you remember the golden rule of content marketing and that is that it isn’t about you, it’s about your audience. So leave of all the sales ideas, the tricks and sales techniques behind and just target them towards your audience. Plus, at the end of each video be sure to ask for likes, shares, comments and a thumbs up. Read more here

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