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Aux Mode is a Digital Rights Management (DRM), monetization and reporting platform. Our team is made up of experts in digital content strategy, distribution, monetization including collecting, reporting, auditing and distributing of all royalties and IP protection for content creators worldwide. Our customers are individual content owners, producers, distributors, and studios in the TV, Film and Music industry.

Our Culture

At Aux Mode we value innovation, trust, loyalty and “can-do” attitude in all that we do.  We are a trusted partner for our Content customers, and we are constantly creating new ways to add value and support to their content creations.  In our first five years, we’ve earned global recognition for our pioneering efforts, and we’re looking for smart, dedicated, creative and passionate team members to fuel our growth and our impact for the next five years.  We’re collaborative, competitive, and love challenges. If you’re equal parts thinker, doer and creator – Aux Mode may be a great home for you.

Job Brief / Responsibilities of Engineer

As Software Engineer, you will report to CTO. Your responsibilities will be to assist with the daily running of the company software solution systems, this would include:

  • Monitoring/Analysis – DevOps
  • Ensure NOC monitoring — log analysis
  • Handling / Analysis of errors experienced within the prediction (real time responses as quickly as possible) and TEST cloud solution instances error analysis — best time.
  • Monitoring of cloud resources, ensuring disk, CPU, memory, etc utilizations and resource starvations with the various deployments are within resources needs and are not over tasked or reporting issues. Development – coding, design, refraction
  • Completing tasks assigned to specific modules requiring creation. This would be writing code for specific modules we need coded — this then involves layers of test-apparatus for unit level testing; and ensuring proper readable and operation code.
  • Assisting in the design / module architecture (to some extent) of specific areas of the solution design. There are multiple areas and specific disciplines used throughout our techstack that each require special skills and understanding, this person’s role will be to work with “some” aspects of these areas and understand at least at a “high-level” how they all interact with each other when they do.
  • Assistance with database maintenance and 3rd-level form data architecture. A deep understanding of our data-management, data-security, and data-encryption methodologies employed. Adapting these methodologies in a real-time – real-world coding environment and ensuring that compliance for standards; whatever form or method selected/utilized; are in fact properly adhered to.
  • GUI (JSP) page development. This is the presentation layer, this would be done in conjunction with other interested parties without our organization to ensure the presentation meets with the needs of the design / customer / and company goals.
  • Java Server page development within the design architecture at the presentation layer, data layer, and solution function.
  • Assistance with enhancements to the “backend” processing solution code base. This is the heart of the CLaim Process/CMS Audit solutions — exposure to the architecture where enhancements will be added overtime. Architecture/Design
  • Part of the team implementing the overall Enterprise Solution design — assisting with the implementation of that design based on a solid understanding of our existing technology stack and growing from there. – Assistance with the GUI design — sitting in meetings with company officials helping with the presentation layer output and overall functionality.
  • Learning
  • Much time devoted to learning and more learning to ensure staying up to date on the technology stack we are implementing and may implement over the coming years.
  • A deep understanding of our solution and how it works and operates — understand “under the covers” at a code-level.


  • Bachelor’s degree in software, math, or science NOT required or equivalent work experience.
  • 5 years+ working with Java
  • 5+ years JavaScript
  • 2+ years Perl
  • 2+ years Python
  • 2+ years with Apache Tomcat (Jarkarta) or equivalent application server Technologies. 
  • Understanding of Javascript and Servlet technologies
  • Understanding of Apache Tomcat (Jakarta) + JSP (Java Server Page) + Servlets 
  • Understanding of communications protocols for proper client/server implementations
  • Understanding of encryption technologies applying to data-at-rest and data-in-motion
  • Understanding HTTP and HTTPS protocols and proxy-server tools for debugging client/server applications.
  • SSL – Secure Socket protocol layer experience an asset
  • Hands-on experience with MySQL and Oracle RDBMS definite assets.
  • Understanding MySQL and Oracle JDBC connection protocols and techniques
  • Understanding and dealing with resource constraints, memory, disk, CPU, and SMP programming techniques. 
  • Understanding of multi-threaded Java applications.
  • Dealing with memory-leak and error catch handling and proper resolution
  • Understanding of Java Memory and GC handling techniques and diagnostic analysis and solutions to Java Stack overflow / out-of-memory issues.
  • Familiar with big data reporting
  • Familiar with large data sets – storage, sorting, processing
  • Understanding of RDBMS normalization of data concepts and 3rd normal form.
  • Through knowledge of the Oauth2 authentication protocol and connection analysis with proper tools
  • Knowledge of ML (machine learning with big data) would be a definite asset.


  • Work closely with the CEO and CTO and gain ongoing learning and support.
  • Competitive base salary
  • Friendly culture 
  • Benefits package
  • Vacation policy: we believe in the importance of time off to recharge
  • We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company.
  • Work with producers, distributors and Hollywood Studios on streaming platforms

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