Aux Mode Developing a Freemium Dashboard for YouTube’s CMS

imgres-3Aux Mode Developing a Freemium Dashboard for YouTube’s CMS

By Adam Rumanek


YouTube personalities are taking over as the most popular celebrities across a range of qualities representing ‘influence’ for their young audiences. As the YouTube platform grows and more and more people have the potential to be a creator and influencer, a new set of content management challenges has emerged.

Aux Mode is an MCN; a company that manages multiple YouTube channels and helps creators to organize, distribute, and monetize their video content online. YouTube’s built in Content Management System (CMS) is difficult to understand and navigate. A couple of years ago there was no such thing as a dashboard or non YouTube native bulk update tool that worked with YouTube. Today there are dashboard OR bulk update software tools available. These software solutions are expensive for individual content creators to purchase and none of them provide the full range of dashboard, analytics, and bulk updating functions that are needed to optimize YouTube’s content management.

Identifying a need for a better management system, Aux Mode has begun the development of an all-in-one custom built YouTube CMS Dashboard and Video Bulk Updater tool. We plan to launch this tool as a Freemium product on GitHub and available to anyone with a YouTube channel.

This dashboard will simplify YouTube’s CMS into an easy to read analytics display that will make it easier for users to understand their data and reduce the time spent managing content. This tool will also allow YouTubers to bulk update InVideo features, cards, annotations and more. We believe that an open source model is the best option to gain the widest possible reach, the best quality, and offer the power and flexibility that creators deserve.

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