Alternative Ways Of Making Money On YouTube

Alternative Ways Of Making Money On YouTubemake-money-with-youtube
by Ryan Prussky


To begin, I will state how important it is to build your audience before you try to increase income. Once you have acquired a devoted following you are ready to start monetizing your channel. The first method is to use the tool AdSense, which is provided by YouTube. To do this you must first enable your channel for monetization before connecting your YouTube channel to an AdSense account. Once you have connected to an AdSense account you will be able to earn money. You are given the freedom to choose which videos you would like to have ads, and even which ads accompany those videos. AdSense can be used on every video, or can be applied to only those the videos the creator desired, like popular or long videos. YouTube connects your channel to paying advertisers so you can focus on what you’ve been doing to gain your following; creating content. The advertisers do not pay the creator directly but instead, you are paid when viewers watch the ad.

However, there have been many recent advancements with YouTube, including the introduction of YouTube Red subscriptions. YouTube Red members pay a annual fee which gives the viewer special benefits, including access to YouTube without ads. This eliminates all possible revenue from those viewers, so the amount you earn from YouTube Red subscribers is calculated on how much time those members spend watching your content. If you are already making a decent amount of money from ads and YouTube Red subscribers, than there are other established methods you could pursue.

A new feature of YouTube, offered only in some regions, called Fan Funding, offers a built in tip jar, placed directly beside the video. This was created to allow audience members to offer monetary support directly to your channel. This is useful for those YouTubers who are unable to afford their content but have a loyal support group of followers. In the same vein, Crowdfunding is commonly used. There are a few important differences to distinguish between fan funding, and crowdfunding. Fan funding, is a tool that is created by YouTube and open constantly, while crowdfunding is when you personally choose to raise funds to help support your channel by launching an external crowdfunded campaign. While both consist of the fans contributing to your project, crowdfunding is done entirely by the creator himself to let their followers know they need money to do something.

Working alongside brands is a new and popular method of advertising and receiving money. Brands are always looking for new ways to promote their products and services. This form of marketing can be highly advantageous to both the content creator and brand, especially if it is a product that is similar to the creators content, or used by the creator. It may seem like these brands will not be willing to work with channels with only a few thousand subscribers, however if it makes sense and seems beneficial to both parties chances are a collaboration could be made. Merchandising is a much more simpler idea. After YouTubers gain a large following they begin to merchandise themselves, and their brand. Merchandise can span from stickers, to clothes, to almost anything imaginable. Using online cards or annotations on your videos will help fans find your stuff.

A more hands on method of making money is hosting events with your followers. By doing this you will build an even stronger, more devoted community. In addition to the joy of meeting your fans, you will give yourself more opportunities to sell merchandise or tickets to your event. As I stated above it is important to use interactive cards to funnel viewers away from your video and on to your merchandise page, crowdfunding sites, or more videos. You now have the knowledge to earn more money from your videos by utilizing all these methods, and discovering which one works best for you and your brand.

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