Adding Tumblr to your YouTube strategy

Adding Tumblr to your YouTube strategy

Last week we discussed four easy ways to grow your YouTube audience using Instagram. Today, we’re moving on to another creativity-driven platform, Tumblr.

Founded in 2007, Tumblr is a social media and microblogging platform that’s quickly become a worldwide destination for creativity and inspiration. Tumblr allows users to share various forms of content—including video, audio, and GIFs—to the masses.

Let these facts sink in:

  • To date, Tumblr users have created more than 83 billion posts.
  • 66% of Tumblr visitors are under 35 years old; 39% are under 25.
  • Tumblr users grew by 74% in 2013.
  • Tumblr is now home to more than 200 million blogs.

If you’re looking to bring new eyes to your YouTube channel, Tumblr is a no-brainer. So let’s look at four ways you can grow your YouTube audience with Tumblr.


GIFs’ tremendous popularity are due in large part to Tumblr. In fact, when Oxford English Dictionaries named “GIF” their word of the year in 2012, they credited Tumblr for pushing the word.

So what can you do? Turn your most memorable YouTube moments into GIFs and upload them to Tumblr. Remember to include your YouTube video link to increase traffic to your channel.



On Tumblr, you never know when your content will be discovered. In fact, 85% of reblogs occur more than 120 days after the original post was published.

That means Tumblr can greatly extend the shelf life of your content. So whenever you share new videos on Facebook and Twitter, be sure to add Tumblr to the mix.



Since Tumblr has millions of active users, you have millions of potential opportunities to attract new users to your channel. Explore, identify, and engage other Tumblr blogs with similar audiences to try to lure traffic to your channel and convert them to loyal viewers!



One of the greatest attributes of Tumblr is its endless customization options. From fonts to widget placement and color schemes, you can have it all. Tumblr gives you an excellent opportunity to reinforce your channel’s branding to strengthen its identity. Read more here

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