If you’re working with a limited budget to advertise your firm, Youtube advertising costs will limit where your ad can appear on Youtube and other websites.  Because Youtube advertising revenue is so high, advertising on the front page for just a day costs about $400,000!  You’ll be relieved to know that your Youtube advertising costs can be much more reasonable.  Here are seven tips to minimize your Youtube advertising costs and strengthen your Youtube advertising revenue.

Tip #1: Making Conversion-Ready Videos

Not all videos are created equally when it comes to generating conversions.  You can keep your Youtube advertising costs per conversion down with a high-conversion video.  What can you do to keep your conversions up?  Several things, and it starts with having the right equipment.

If you turn on a Youtube video and it’s grainy or out of focus, odds are, you’re going to press the “back” btn right away.  So will your viewers, so it’s absolutely imperative that you have a great looking video before you upload it.  Don’t try to get away with home equipment unless it’s absolutely necessary—to really bring in Youtube advertising revenue, you really need professional gear.

Some companies actually specialize in helping law firms create video to generate Youtube advertising revenue.  These specialty firms know what works and what doesn’t, and can help you plan your video marketing strategy.  While this may increase your Youtube advertising costs in the short term, professionally produced videos will continue to draw in viewers for a long time.

Tip #2: Minimizing Youtube Advertising Costs With Targeting

Another way to solidify your Youtube advertising revenue is to make sure that you’re targeting the right markets.  If your videos are being seen by huge numbers of people, but you’re not getting conversions, you’ve got one of two problems: bad content or bad targeting.

First of all, make sure that when you’re targeting your Youtube videos, you’re using location as one of your primary targeting methods.  If you’re not using location keywords, your Youtube advertising costs are already significantly higher than they need to be.

Tip #3: Using Bid Management Software

Bids don’t always cost the same amount, and your Youtube advertising costs can vary from hour to hour or day to day.  In order to maximize your Youtube advertising revenue, consider using a bid management program that can place your bids and track them to identify when you have the best opportunity to get traffic most cheaply.

Recent surveys have shown that less than 20 percent of law firms are actually using any bid management software other than what is provided by Google AdWords.  Remember, AdWords is trying to make money for itself—it may not always give you the best advice about what to bid and when.  Bid management software is one of the simplest ways to lower your Youtube advertising costs, so it’s surprising more companies aren’t including it in their Youtube advertising revenue toolkit.

Tip #4: Sharing Your Youtube Videos

Once you’ve got a video up that you know is a winner, it’s time to tell everyone—and that means everyone.  Fortunately, today’s social media websites make it easy to talk to many of the people you know with the click of a mouse.  Your Youtube advertising costs will go down when your organic search results go up—that means getting viewers and getting linked from other places on the web.

Sharing Youtube videos can go beyond LinkedIn and Facebook.  Consider submitting video responses to other videos that you’ve found interesting—or ones you’ve found misleading about the law.  This extends your reach and will lead to your videos being seen by more viewers who are already interested in the topics you’re discussing.

Tip #5: Paid Advertising For Your Youtube Videos

If your Youtube videos are so great that you want to tell the world in order to maximize your Youtube advertising revenue, consider using direct ads on other websites.  You may want to focus your direct advertising on other websites that are video-intensive, to make sure that video viewers are attracted to your Youtube channel.

Make sure that you’re monitoring results constantly and that you don’t advertise the same video for too long.  Most of your Youtube advertising revenue will usually come from the first few days of advertising.  While it can make Youtube advertising costs higher to make new content often enough, it’s the best way to ensure that your content is being seen.

Tip #6: Making Your Custom Channel

It will be much easier to bring in Youtube advertising revenue if you can get viewers to see several videos in your channel, not just the video that brought them there.  Custom channels, which change the look of Youtube to reflect your brand, can help you to present a similar image on your Youtube channel to the image you present on your website.

While law firms may only want to use custom channel settings if their Youtube advertising revenue are already high, this can be a great tool for integrating the look your clients already know into your video channel.

Make sure that your custom channel is easy to use, as well as looking good.  All the branding in the world won’t help if videos are poorly organized or hard to find in your custom channel.  Keep new content flowing so that viewers don’t get board, and you’ll be well on your way to sharp increases in Youtube advertising revenue.

Tip #7: Responding and Participating

If someone makes a negative comment on Youtube, you should be prepared to analyze it honestly.  In some cases, they may have just given you advice that you can use to increase your Youtube advertising revenue.  In others, they may just be trolling—deliberately making an abusive, threatening, or unserious comment to derail the conversation.

Trolls can be flagged and deleted from your Youtube comments, but don’t just delete anything critical.  Be willing to respond to criticism in a polite and fair manner.  By participating with the viewers you have, you’ll increase conversions and your Youtube advertising revenue.

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