30 Content Marketing Commandments to Live By

30 Content Marketing Commandments to Live Bybigstock-Productivity-Doodles-25491731-229x230

At the end of last year, I published 30 content marketing truths that I have taped above my desk. This list is something that I am grateful for as it is a constant reminder to stay focused. In the spirit of Thanksgiving in the US, I wanted to share revised commandments with you. I trust they will serve you well. 

  1. That the content is more important than the offer.
  2. That a customer relationship doesn’t end with the payment.
  3. That printed marketing doesn’t stop with the full-page advertisement.
  4. That “being the content” is more important than “surrounding the content”.
  5. That interruption isn’t valued, but engagement is.
  6. That a blog can be and should be a core part of communicating with and marketing to your customers.
  7. That internal marketing always takes precedence over external marketing.
  8. That a brand is a relationship, not a tag line.
  9. That focusing on what the customer wants is more important than what you have to sell.
  10. That readers are old school, customers are new school.
  11. That the competition can copy everything you have, except your brand. Communications is the differentiator.
  12. That a news release isn’t meant to be picked up by the press, but to help customers find your great content on the web.
  13. That communicating directly with customers is the best choice.
  14. That marketers can and should be publishers.
  15. That today’s traditional publishers are scared of marketers.
  16. That without content, community is improbable, if not impossible.
  17. That the marketing brochure should be stricken from all strategic marketing plans.
  18. That content without design doesn’t look appetizing (or deliver on marketing goals).
  19. That lead generation is only one small part of the marketing picture.
  20. That hiring an editor is not a want, but a must, for the organization.
  21. That, no matter the medium or the provider, someone is always selling something.
  22. That the long tail of search engine optimization is driven by consistent content on your corporate blog or website.
  23. That 90% of all corporate websites talk about how great the company or product is and forgets about the customer.
  24. That 90% of all corporate websites suck.
  25. That the blogging community will be more important than traditional media (if not already).
  26. That in the next five to seven years the majority of content consumers engage in will be corporate media (if not already).
  27. That buyers are in control, the traditional sales process has changed, and that relevant content lets organizations into the buying process.
  28. That long-form branded content can be created anywhere your customers work, live or play.
  29. That the Chief Content Officer is the CMO of the future.
  30. That customers want to be inspired. Be the inspiration!

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