3 Simple Steps To A Lifestyle-Friendly Brand Reinvention

3 Simple Steps To A Lifestyle-Friendly Brand Reinvention

Your brand will evolve over time to keep pace with the market, predict and co-create trends, and match your vibration as you grow. If your market’s transformation and/or your personal growth (including shifts in your priorities and values!) are super fast, and incremental tweaks and changes are not enough, evolution is replaced by reinvention. Reinventing your brand falls into the “brand management 911″ category that comes into play when there is a deep and wide gap between your current brand and the one that desperately wants to be born through you. It is – or at least should be – the solution to a very serious problem… lack of enthusiasm, drive, and belief in what you’re doing!
The cardinal rule of brand reinvention? Align the next version of your brand with your desired goals and lifestyle, or you’ll be back to the drawing board in no time!
Here are three simple steps to successfully re-engineer your brand and business to nicely fit into your life, not the other way around.
LifestyleKnow what you do NOT want
Knowing your no-nos in business and in life is just as crucial for your success and happiness as knowing what you do want and welcome into your world. Getting clear on what you’re determined to stay away from will re-enforce your motivation to introduce the necessary changes to turn things around. Having trouble identifying your “red flags”? Switch from the DO mode to BE mode, and do everything you can to really tap into your heart, soul, and intuition. If you want to design a business that you’ll adore, and through which you’ll easily manifest clients, money, and sizzling hot opportunities, you need to know yourself inside and out. Period. No shortcuts here!
Focus on simplicity
Often, running a successful lifestyle business is not about what new projects you can take on as much as it is about what you can let go of, or at the very least simplify and streamline it significantly. Simplicity in your offerings structure, your systems, and your use of time will also help you become more effective and efficient at communicating your brand message, promise, personality, values, and more! Everything in business is connected, so once you focus on it, the lifestyle-friendly “virus” will spread like wildfire and – luckily – take over all of your thoughts and actions!
Get support
I know you’re a super woman, but even you can’t do everything yourself and feel that you’re growing your business exponentially AND with grace and ease! Exercising your feminine muscles of receiving, and allowing yourself to be supported while you’re making your difference will help you expand a lot faster, a lot more effortlessly. Map out what you want to delegate, and do it as soon as you can! You can start small, just take that first step to get the receiving energy ball rolling – it will gain momentum as you go, and attract more and more awesomeness into your business and life! That is the true recipe for quantum leaps – focusing on your zone of genius, the most productive and lucrative activities you can possibly take on, and having your team members handle the rest. Read more here

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