3 Must-See Mobile Ad Refreshes From Facebook, Google and Snapchat

3 Must-See Mobile Ad Refreshes From Facebook, Google and Snapchat

Mobile ads are growing more dynamic by the day, with the biggest platforms, from Google to Snapchat, in a constant state of marketing innovation. For young Snapchat, that means building from scratch. And for Google, that means taking what worked on desktop for so long and transferring it to phones.

All the while, Facebook is coming up with targeted ads that make some marketers wonder why they need to even put their mobile dollars elsewhere. It’s true, there are many ad executives and media planners looking for large, known audiences — they say there’s no need to look beyond the social network to reach their campaign goals.

That’s actually what puts Snapchat’s ad appeal at risk, except for the fact that it’s growing like crazy and the audience is maniacally engaged there. Still, what Snapchat delivers in a young, vibrant audience, it lacks in ad technology and measurement.

While Google and Facebook battle it out on the technological front with cross-platform targeting, Snapchat has come up with a television-style commercial for the mobile age.

Here’s a look at a few new approaches to advertising, just released today, that show the direction of these three very different mobile platforms:

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