3 Biggest Branding Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

3 Biggest Branding Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

As an entrepreneur, you risk making several branding mistakes: pricing that isn’t aligned with your brand identity, incompleteness (brand elements missing), marketing and selling that aren’t reflecting your brand identity, unclear brand values, no emotional impact on your ideal clients, missing the results-oriented language of your ideal clients (as explained in Part 1 and Part 2 of this article),  and more!

The biggest branding mistakes, though, are the following three – and don’t worry, because you’ll learn how to avoid them or quickly and efficiently fix them.

Branding mistake #3

Inconsistencies in your brand’s visual representation

A confused mind always says no, so not paying enough attention to the consistency of your brand image may make you leave a lot of money on the table. It’s absolutely crucial that you use your logo, brand colors, specific backgrounds, fonts, ornaments, photos, style of imagery (e.g. modern, traditional, out-of-the-box, romantic, eco, rebellious), etc., consistently on all occasions, or you risk to confound or even alienate your potential clients.

An action step you can take immediately to solve this issue – or prevent it from arising – is to create a brand manual that contains all the information about various visual elements of your brand, and a detailed strategy on how to use them throughout your marketing.

Branding mistake #2

Being a “gray zone aficionado”

Hiding out is a serious client deterrent, too. If you don’t proactively market your business, seek publicity opportunities, and spread your message in every way you can to reach your ideal prospects, you can’t realistically expect your brand to thrive, even if you do believe in miracles. The fact is that if clients don’t know about you, they can’t hire you. And if they come across your brand, but forget all about it the very next minute, the outcome is not much different.

Here’s what you can do if you’re stuck in the gray zone: you can go back to basics, and make a copious list of all the reasons why your ideal prospects should do business with you instead of your ‘competitors’. Once you’re clear on your unique value, and find a way to communicate it to your target market, you’ll realize ‘competition’ is irrelevant to your success.

Branding mistake #1

Not delivering on your brand promise

The biggest branding mistake is not delivering on your brand promise. Letting your clients down is the worse thing you can do to your brand, as news about a bad experience travel faster than wind. Your brand is only as strong as the last experience a client had with it, so keeping promises should be your highest priority.

If you struggle with meeting client’s expectations, revise your brand promise; build a team to help you fulfill it, and incorporate a ‘surprise’ component to your offering, with little gifts and touches your clients would never have expected, but will certainly know how to appreciate. Read more here.

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