10 Useful and Entertaining Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week

10 Useful and Entertaining Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week

Last week entailed another round of intriguing data points released by marketers, and we’ve collected the 10 most interesting and fun stats for your perusal. Check ’em out:

1. You want to know how big the “unboxing” craze is getting on YouTube? Take Evan of EvanTubeHD, a cherubic tyke whose ability to unwrap new toys and play with them might be described as hypnotic. Evan has 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. Though the idea of kids selling to other children via online video is under increased scrutiny.

2. UberFacts proprietor Kris Sanchez claims he is making $500,000 a year selling sponsorships through his Twitter account, which has 10.8 million followers. There’s nothing trivial about that kind of following or money.

3. Kellogg has found success with Pandora ads, particularly with mobile promos. Like so many digital marketing triumphs nowadays, it was all about the data. For Pop-Tarts, the CPG giant compared Pandora’s log-in information with Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ sales data from retailers and found that the ads reached 4 million homes. From there, it broke down sales data for people who were exposed to the ad. The average person who saw the ad spent $4.09 at a store compared to $3.81 of the control group, meaning that Kellogg’s Pandora ads increased incremental sales by 7 percent.

4. As of Friday, Periscope users have shared their live streams on Twitter 1.5 million times since the app became popular in March, according to Nuvi. We’ll have more exclusive data from the social data vendor on live streaming this week.

5. YouTube has rolled out a new shopping btn for pre-roll ads with a couple of test partners. Per Google, home goods merchant Wayfair has been getting three times the digital revenue compared to previous YouTube campaigns, while the cosmetics retailer Sephora saw more than an 80 percent jump in brand consideration and a 54 percent lift in ad recall.

6. Since Airbnb became available in Cuba on April 2, nearly 500 new hosts have joined and created listings. The Caribbean country is now more popular on the home-sharing site than Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro.

7. Mondelez plans to convert all its digital media in 25 countries into shoppable ads with “buy now” btns to drive sales through retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

8. K-Swiss is the latest brand to fall in love with Kik’s audience. The mobile app’s users who have seen the sneaker’s video ads—which offer rewards for views—so far reported 25 times higher brand awareness for the sneaker company. And 55 percent of viewers signaled intent to purchase the brand’s gear, according to the companies.

9. President Barack Obama personally joined Twitter on May 18 with the handle @POTUS, and he had 2.3 million followers before the weekend hit. That number is now up to 2.44 million.

10. Four dollars. That’s how much you can save by purchasing electronic music star Zedd’s new album on Tinder ($3.99) instead of on iTunes ($7.99). Will mobile date-gifting become a thing?

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