What if it was ‘Sympler’ to remix videos?

What would you get if you combined music mixing with video? You’d get the new mobile video app Sympler, which launched today on iOS, aimed at giving creators the tools to remix existing videos to music.

The app, which is free, allows users to “remix” video content or upload original clips to build a video sequence. But Sympler is focusing primarily on the “remix” functionality, banking that users will want to one-up each other.  Think of this as the cover artist’s approach to video, taking existing video clips and remixing them into a semi-original work.

The way it works is rather simple (ha.ha.). Sympler breaks down a short-form piece of content into clips. The user can then tap the clips to play alongside a music track — instantly re-stitching the clips together — much in the way a DJ would mix a track.

Here’s an example that the Sympler team created from Cannes Lions 2014:


Sympler also envisions that brands will use the product to engage with users — by allowing them to “remix” commercials or branded entertainment pieces. What could be even more interesting is when the creative community already using mobile apps like Instagram Video and Vine gravitate toward Sympler and realize they can actually sew multiple scenes together to instantly create story-driven short-form content, without any editing.

Sympler_AllowRemixThe one hitch I could see with this mobile video app is the omnipresent issue of using copyrighted materials, but app founder Alexander Kane tells me that there is an opt-in feature that allows the content owners to permit users to “remix” or not to “remix.”

Once the content is “open for business” users then have free reign to use those assets in their entirety or combined with one’s own original clips and “remixed” content. On the music side, Sympler makes stock audio available to users.

Right now the company, headquartered in New York and founded by Kane and business partner Ben Jenkins, is in the process of raising a Series A and aims to monetize the content through enterprise and brand relationships.

They tell me there are also numerous conversations with major agencies like Ogilvy for brand integrations.

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