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Privacy Policy – Instagram

In September 2012, we announced that Instagram had been acquired by Facebook. We knew that by teaming up with Facebook, we could build a better Instagram for you. Since then, we’ve been collaborating with Facebook’s team on ways to do just that. As part of our new collaboration, we’ve learned that by being able …

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About Eating Disorders

What is an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders–like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder–can include extreme emotions, attitudes and behaviors surrounding weight and food issues.

What are some signs to look for if I think a friend may be suffering from an eating disorder?

We worked with the National Eating Disorder Association on the …

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Sharing Photos Safely

What should I do if someone is asking me to share a nude or sexual photo or video of myself on Instagram?

We worked with on the following answer. For more information and advice please visit

Sharing nude or sexual photos/videos is a violation of Instagram’s Community Guidelines, so the simplest …

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Regulated Goods and Services

Promoting the sale of regulated goods and services, including firearms

If your photos or videos are promoting the sale of regulated goods or services, including firearms, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, and adult products, please ensure that you know and are following the law that applies to you.

Laws on regulated goods may differ …

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Other Types of Reports

Reporting a Deceased Person’s Account How do I report a deceased person’s account on Instagram?

If you see an account on Instagram that belongs to someone who’s passed away, you can report it to us for memorialization. If you’re an immediate family member of that person, you can request the account be removed from …

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Child Exploitation What should I do if I see images that sexually exploit children (ex: pornography) on Instagram?

Posting, sharing or downloading images that sexually exploit children for any reason can be criminal. We report all apparent child pornography to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

If you ever see this …

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Abuse & Spam

You can report inappropriate posts, comments or people that aren’t following our Community Guidelines orTerms of Use right when you see them by using our built-in reporting features.

Does Instagram prohibit spam?

Yes. In addition to not allowing people from using our service for illegal or unauthorized purposes, ourTerms specify that people can’t …

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I’m worried about someone after seeing content they’ve shared about suicide or self-harm. What can I do?

If you or someone you know is in immediate physical danger related to suicide or an eating disorder, please contact 911 or local law enforcement for help. If the threat isn’t immediate, you should contact a family …

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Exposed Private Information

Posting private and confidential information is a violation of our Terms of Use. Private and confidential information includes, but isn’t limited to: credit card information, social security or alternate national identity numbers, private address or location information, non-public phone numbers and non-public email addresses.

It’s important to note that though you may believe …

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Intellectual Property

About Intellectual Property

Instagram is committed to helping people and organizations protect their intellectual property rights. The Instagram Terms of Use do not allow posting content that violates someone else’s intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark.


Copyright is a legal right that seeks to protect original works of authorship (ex: books, music, …

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