YouTube Proprietary Reporting Tool

We have a proprietary reporting tool for concise reporting by show by season creating significant efficiencies for accounting departments.

Key Benefits
1. Speed. What takes days takes seconds.
2. Custom. Able to provide customized reports by show by season
3. Insights. Will provide an analytical data and findings report to you how you can grow your channel(s), your brand and manage your content.

We can report data per show, per season and per title which is a significant efficiency tool for accounting departments and rights management teams. We recognized the need for this in working with our clients that are monetizing their content and have funding bodies and co-production partners that share in the revenue.

Show Titles on left and season # across the top.
Show Titles on left and season # across the top.

The reporting tool can also be useful when dealing with acquired content from producers and co-production partners so you and/or they have details on how their content is being consumed beyond just a financial standpoint.  It would also be an asset for your acquisitions team when deliberating the value of acquiring digital rights.

There is a direct correlation between stolen content and popularity of titles; determining which content is stolen the most will help to reveal which content is the most popular.

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