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The Gift And Curse Of YouTube Science Videos

It’s hard to express just how much video content is available on YouTube these days. Hours of video get uploaded every single second, with no sign of slowing down. And among that content – in between the personal blogs and reaction videos – are the scientists trying to explain how the universe works… view full article

YouTube is changing how some copyright claims work, and it could result in ‘more blocked content’

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YouTube News – The Navy taps YouTube creators for its latest recruiting campaign

The Navy taps YouTube creators for its latest recruiting campaign

The Rise of Social Media


The Rise Of Social Media By Michael Johnston

In the past decade we have seen a rise in the success of a number of social media platforms, which not only allow us to connect with people we never thought imaginable, but give businesses the opportunity to engage with their clients like never before.

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Will Netflix stick around for an encore?

The applause for Netflix’s recent success is still ringing in everyone’s ears. Yet beneath the din, there is whispering about whether this star of streaming can sustain its story of success. I think not. And the reason is fundamentally simple: companies do not understand how expensive it is to run a video platform. Netflix created …

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Jessie Behan of Auxmode presents at

In this presentation, Jessie shares her best tips on scalability and building a strong foundation within a company. Click the video image below to view the presentation. And be sure to like the video.

Move People to Choose Your Brand

Move People to Choose Your Brand:

YouTube now provides access to over 1B unique, engaged users every month. That’s why 100% of the AdAge Top 100 Advertisers invest on YouTube and thousands of professional creators publish their video content to YouTube. These Users, Advertisers and Creators together define the YouTube Ecosystem, providing brand building …

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YouTube TrueView Ads: The Rundown

YouTube TrueView Ads: The Rundown With YouTube TrueView Ads Pay only when someone chooses to watch your video, so your ad budget is always well-spent.

Where viewers choose you

You pay only when a viewer actually chooses to watch your video. Your budgets will go farther and be more efficiently spent.

Pay …

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Dove Real Beauty Sketches: 163 Million Views on YouTube

Dove Real Beauty Sketches: 163 Million Views on YouTube

Dove believes in celebrating beauty in its diversity and, in doing so, raising the self-esteem of women and young girls globally. Featuring real women in advertising has been an integral part of the Dove brand’s DNA—dating back to the introduction of the Dove Beauty Bar …

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Online Dating Site Zoosk Finds Fame through YouTube

Online dating site Zoosk wanted more than broad awareness, it was after brand “fame.” To do this, the company moved away from TV and looked towards a more conversational platform – YouTube. It created a YouTube channel and used TrueView and standard in-stream ads for its #HeartFriend and #MountainMan campaigns. This let Zoosk place its …

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