The Best Ways to Increase Your Revenue on YouTube

The Best Ways to Increase Your Revenue on YouTubeTurn YouTube Views into Cash!
By Jessie Behan


Youtube is rapidly penetrating into every business and household around the world. This level of audience potential gives creators an opportunity to reach levels of success and wealth they never dread imaginable in the past. But this isn’t something that is achieved without knowing a few tricks on how to maximize your revenue. Adam Rumanek, the founder of Aux Mode, gives his tips on the best ways to increase your revenue on YouTube.


#1 Direct Links

The easiest way to see an increase in profit is to ensure your videos always have a direct link from Youtube to your website or blog. It’s a popularity contest and you control what and how people view your content. Creating content that will generate traffic on YouTube will mean you earn an income and can eventually have your channel featured.


#2 Product & Promotion

The second way to generate revenue is to create branded content to promote products on Youtube. Make sure your content has a clear message, great lighting, and be creative! Remember, there is no option to buy directly on Youtube, so be sure to link your audience back to your website and where they can buy products.


#3 Cross Promotion

The third and final way to increase your revenue stream is to promote others creators content in and outside of your genre. This may seem counterintuitive but it is essential to promote your content to gain more views and subscribers, and getting in front of other audiences will help you do this.


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